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Paint choices: which finish is right for your next project?

Paint choices

Colour isn’t the only consideration when planning your next paint project. The finish you choose will determine how vivid details …

The history of paint

History of Paint

For as long as people have inhabited the earth, they have tried to replicate the colours and images they see, …

Pool Painting – Prepare to relax by the Pool

Andrew & Mason are one of the few NZ companies that guarantee their swimming pool painting for 5 years

Whether you have an old pool that needs a ‘make-over’ or a new pool that needs its first lick of paint Northland Painters can help.

Wallpapers – Design your own

Rolls of Wallpaper

With modern printing technology and high quality wallpaper products it is now possible to bring your personalised designs right into your own home.

Removing lead paint safely

Man in mask removing lead paint

Those most at risk from exposure to lead are children under the age of six, and pregnant women and their developing foetuses. However, lead poisoning can still lead to brain damage and death even in healthy adults.  Learn the risks of lead exposure, and how you can remove it safely if believe your home may have lead paint in it.

How paint colours can affect your mood

Colour Wheel

The use of colour to promote healing and wellbeing has roots stretching far back into history, and to this day many people and cultures believe certain colours possess specific qualities that can have positive or negative impacts upon our lives.

Exterior Paint can increase your home value

Man painting the outside of a building

When selling your home, you are faced with the decision of how much – if anything – to spend on …

How Bathroom mould can seriously affect your health

Cleaning mould from a wall

Mould is one of the most pervasive problems in homes across New Zealand.   It appears initially as small, dark specks, and can gradually expand into larger patches of green, grey, brown or black growth. Those most at risk from the damaging effects of mould spores are the very young, the elderly, and anyone with a compromised immune system or respiratory illness.

"We paint all surfaces with the correct Dulux & Resene paint system following the manufacturer's specification."