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Paint Trends 2017

Trends in Paint 2017

Keeping your home up to date with the latest home décor trends often feels like a never-ending task and looking for inspiration can be tricky

Keeping your home up to date with the latest home décor trends often feels like a never-ending task and looking for inspiration can be tricky. The throw away culture of replica designs and cookie-cutter style can seem repetitive and disheartening when you are looking for a solid and authentic design. By using paint over wallpaper, keeping on trend is far more achievable and the possibilities endless. With the New Year already a distant memory, colour forecasters are ready to begin predicting 2017’s most fashionable colour trends.


The off-whites that were once fashionable are now having earthy tones added to help soften them. Off-whites now maybe cream, chalk, greige or beige with colours becoming deeper, more complex and layered with subtle undertones. Tonal palettes help to create an understated luxury and pairing subtle grey nuances or other neutral colours with textures creates luxurious, architectural palettes. Painting with earthy hues or dusky tones will see you right on trend. Dusky pinks are being carried through from 2016 but we’ll also more dusky blues and greens are being seen.


The use of colour is more than just visual. We use colour to create a sensory experience, we often touch and feel our interiors and want them to warm our souls and awaken our senses. Warm browns make us think of a roughened tree bark and burnt oranges take us to a beautiful sunset. Painted textured wallpaper is currently on trend and anaglypta wallpaper is also making a comeback. Textured wallpaper enables us to imagine texture without having to actually touch anything. The use of metallic hues such as cooper brings a colour to life, adding mystery and depth.


Today’s interiors are not about perfection and we can see a distinctly modern yet familiar style emerging. Rescue that piece of ‘flawed’ furniture and all the memories it holds, pair it with geometric shapes and unexpected colour to see how an eclectic collection of furniture creates a quirky space. See how your old treasures create endless possibilities and the uniqueness they bring to a room. Washed blues and dusky nudes create easy to live with nostalgia and bold saturated colours such as melon, peach and teal create a highly chromatic space. These colours can bring richness and warmth and many colours are being influenced by global cultures and landscapes, linking tradition and modernity in our homes.


Through the decades, the influence of nature has always been present and is now more so than ever on trend. With more and more time spent indoors (thanks to technology) many are choosing to bring the outdoors in and it can be seen in our surfaces, finishes, colours and accessorising. Nordic landscapes bring icy colours and the natural woods of the Scandinavian look will continue to be a favourite for 2017. Natural woods and clean finishes allow the piece’s natural beauty to shine though. Paired with greens, blues and colours from the flower garden to bring a beautiful natural palette into the home.

Don’t play it safe

Don’t be afraid to break the rules. It is easy to stick with the safe option, what others have done, and what people tell us right. Indulge your creativeness and let ideas flow freely across borders and space. Life doesn’t always have to be serious, ditch your world of boring white and let some colour take its place. Whether it be an entire room, feature wall or bold coloured table legs, let pops of colour show your creativity and personality. Each year’s latest fashion colour doesn’t require you to repaint your entire house, rather use it to inspire new touches to freshen your home.

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