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Choosing the right colour for your new home

choosing the right colour

Choosing the right colour paint isn’t easy

Whether you have no idea what colour you are looking for or want to match a paint to an existing sample, choosing the right colour for your new home can be a daunting task. With so many subtle shades and different temperatures to choose from, knowing which paint will best suit your walls takes an educated eye.

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50 shades of white

When considering white, be aware that there are many different shades. Each variation can have a striking effect on your decor, so it’s important that you choose the best shade to suit your interior design. Even if you want a white-on-white room — with white trim and millwork — contrast is still a must. Paint the trim and millwork a brighter white than the wall color.

Pro tip:When choosing your shade, remember that the actual colour you’ll see in your home is determined by many different factors, such as the surface you are painting on and the available light in the room. Colours are closest to their truest appearance in full outside daylight or in the light from a window that doesn’t face the sun.

Neutrals add timeless class

With tones as varied as Creamy Latte to Manuka Honey, neutrals are anything but boring. Grey isn’t just grey — it comes in a wide variety of intensities and shades, with subtle nuances that add a designer approach to any decor. Warm greys can add a cosy feel while cooler ash tones leave room for light.

If you like to change up your decor often, a beautiful neutral paint color can set the stage for decorating success. Combine silvers, charcoal greys, and white with misty mauve for understated elegance, or rev up that same neutral combo with navy blue and yellow. Neutrals give you the freedom to play around with different homewares to mix up your interiors for every season.

Much like your morning latte, coffee tones are rich and energising. Finding the right tone is a personal as your favourite hot beverage choice. Consider using a Colour Helper such as that offered by Resene.This tool can quickly and efficiently match your desired hue to a corresponding Resene paint. The device can be placed on the target colour, pressed to ‘read’ the tone three times and it will let you know the three Resene colours that most closely match your sample!. It will also show you complementary colours. ColourHelper units can be used free of charge at all Resene ColorShops and Resellers, The unit uses a tiny digital camera built into the device, taking a small picture of the colour. It then uses an embedded microprocessor to analyse the image.

Pro tip: One creative way to use this device is to match a paint colour with your favourite item of clothing or fabric covering. It will save you hours trawling through catalogues and paint stores looking for the perfect shade.

Choose bold colours with care

Take the plunge with a dark wall color, but avoid getting in over your head. Dark walls can create a warm cocoon-like effect, but they can also turn a room into a cave. The trick is to include a respite in your design with planes of white and a variety of surface finishes. In this bedroom, bold pops of color also keep the look fun.

Bright colours for the kids’ rooms are fun and lively but every color has different effects on the human body and mind. It’s important to take these into consideration, especially when decorating the nursery room. A recent study demonstrated that children with autism thrive in calm and relaxing settings with muted and soothing colours. The same principles can be applied to any nursery. Neutrals are a cosy solution that can be carried through the home.

Experiment before you commit

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Try and try again. Finding the right style to suit your home can take time. Consider colour psychology to create the right mood and feel for your home. Try a few test pots on a large piece of A2 card. Leave a border around the edge and then move from wall to wall at different times of the day and night to see what works best. Get samples of the paint color you think you want, plus samples of lighter, darker, more saturated, and less saturated shades. The range of samples will help refine your choice in different conditions.
Your paint choices are the foundation of the home you are creating, so most importantly, have fun!

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